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Team Title’s mission is to create, service, and acquire outstanding title agencies that are customer-focused and smart innovators in the title industry.

At Team Title, our family includes attorneys, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, builders, developers, and lenders. Our centralized services team expertly supports a network of title agencies across the United States. Each location is committed to providing an outstanding closing experience for residential and commercial closings.

What makes Team Title different is that we do not focus on transactions, we focus on relationships. Beyond delivering successful closings, we are strong partners to real estate agents, builders, developers, and lenders, ensuring their goals are achieved.


Our Name: This spirit of proactive partnership is reflected in our name, Team Title Services. TEAM is an acronym that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.


Who We Are: We are a team of title experts with an equal balance of tenure and youth, driven to produce the best customer experience through genuine partnerships and modern business practices

Our Values: Are reflected in the acronym, FASTER: Freedom, Accountability, Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Respect.

A word from Web Raulston, Team Title Founder & CEO:

The concept for Team Title Services began during the Great Recession of 2008. Thousands of title insurance agencies across the country folded, and those operating in the free market were forced to evaluate every aspect of their business to survive.

I learned that in addition to buyers and sellers, title insurance agencies have a set of customers that are often invisible – the true lifeblood of an agency comes from attorneysreal estate agents, builders, developers, and lenders! These folks were the ones driving the transactions, and often those relationships were not maximized. I was inspired by the idea of building title companies for them.

Imagine operating a title agency to best support attorneys, real estate agents, builders, developers, and lenders in their business needs. Suddenly agencies are no longer transactional entities, instead, we become vital industry partners.

Following the sharp decline in the real estate market, formal Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs) and Joint Ventures (JVs) were scrutinized and limited by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

I knew I had to create a new way to enter into win-win relationships and maintain trust with partners based on service, rather than a captive joint venture arrangement. I knew the process must enhance our customer’s businesses rather than hold them back.

After a decade in the title business and thousands of conversations with attorneys, real estate agents, builders, developers, and lenders, I launched Team Title Services in the Fall of 2018. Since then, our team has risen to the challenge of best serving those needing title and escrow services across the country.

If you are exploring your options to handle your real estate title needs or partnership opportunities, let’s have a conversation to see if my team and I can help accomplish your goals.

Web Raulston
Founder & CEO

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