Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

We’ve always been defined by creativity and innovation. This holds true in finding ways to make our services accessible to as many partners as possible. Over the years, we’ve determined that our operations support business model works best with partner title agencies that have 20 or more closings per month.

What If My Title Agency Has Less Than 20 Closings?

We love supporting entrepreneurs and small Title Agencies, even those with less than 20 transactions. If your opportunity or title agency matches our values and is otherwise an ideal candidate, we have creative options that may allow you to enter into a partnership with Team Title.

  1. Increase Your Volume – If you routinely close or refer less than 20 transactions per month and are looking to grow, let’s discuss how you can accelerate your growth. We have excellent resources on best practices that can help you quickly grow to 20+ closings per month.
  2. Blend Your Numbers – On occasion, we have two similar prospects that are ideal candidates for partnership with Team Title, except that individually, they don’t have enough volume. When we have two or more opportunities like this, we may explore combining them into one service account.

If you are interested in partnership and do not have 20 transactions per month. Click here for a free, confidential conversation about options.

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