Title Services

Title Services

Web Raulston, our Founder & CEO, has been in the title industry for over 15 years. He remembers how the industry suffered in 2008, and the long years it took to recover. A big lesson learned is those title agencies that collaborated, partnered, and supported each other, fared better than agencies who tried to weather the storm alone.

He named his company Team Title, based on the premise that Together Everyone Achieves More.

That’s why partnership is at the core of our business model. One of our primary goals is to bring top-quality processing, technology, and operational support, to title agencies across the United States. We service the title agencies we create, allowing the local staff to focus on customer acquisition and revenue generating closings.

We also service companies that we don’t create. We offer trust-based partnerships to title agencies that match our core values, process 20 or more closings per month, and are located in target geographic areas including:

We are already present in: Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia and can typically onboard new partners in these states within a 90 to 120-day turnaround time, subject to local laws, availability, and approvals.

Every year, we speak to hundreds of title agency owners and managers. Many are struggling with:

  • The complexity of escrow management
  • Wire fraud anxiety
  • Positive pay and reconciliation issues
  • Managing disbursement/payment liability
  • Recruiting, training, and managing employees
  • Consumption of time
  • Profitability
  • Little work/life balance

Team Title Operational Excellence

Our experienced support and operations teams can solve all those challenges for you, leaving you more time and energy to generate more revenue. We leverage over 200 years of collective experience, highly efficient processes, and advanced technology systems to simplify your back-office operations.

This allows us to commit to a high level of excellence while offering affordable fees. All our services are based on a flat fee model with a customizable menu of services. This allows you, as our partner, to only pay for the services you truly need.

Support areas include:

  1. Qualia deployment (quicker deployment & customized workflows/automations)
  2. Order entry
  3. Title production
  4. Search and exam
  5. Underwriting
  6. CD workups
  7. Balance with lender
  8. Commitment production
  9. Closing and signing
  10. Escrow disbursement
  11. Reconciliation
  12. Shipping
  13. Final policies
  14. Seller financed escrow servicing

Because of our attention to detail and desire to build genuine partnerships, we limit onboarding to a maximum of 20 partners per year.

If you have at least 20 closings a month, and would like to explore additional revenue opportunities with Team Title, we invite you to schedule a free, confidential 30-minute consultation to see if we are a fit: Click here.

Also, check out our YouTube video on how partnering with Team Title opens new streams of revenue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsyFJtcxDqlsSc4Y5squ3A

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If you have at least 20 closings a month, and would like to explore additional revenue opportunities with Team Title Services, we invite you to schedule a free, confidential 15-minute consultation to see if we are a fit.