Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonials

“A team of 15 real estate agents partnered with us to launch their own title agency. After one year of operations the agency was closing over 50 transactions a month with a monthly net income of approximately $50K ($600K per year).”

Chattanooga, TN

“We launched a title agency owned by a single broker. Ten months after launch, the operation was closing over 80 transactions a month with an expected annual net income of $489K.”

Gatlinburg, TN

“We created a title agency owned by a builder and customized the title workflow to the builder’s existing business operations resulting in increased efficiencies, more profit in their original business, and better service to the consumers.”

Fort Collins, CO

“We created a builder owned title agency that delivered a year-one net income of $219K. Owner then scaled this company to complement new commercial business lines.”

Red Bank, TN

“We created a real estate broker owned title agency where 90% of the proceeds are donated to a local 501c3 non-profit that helps the local community. 60k annually is reinvested in the Charlotte, NC community. “

Charlotte, NC

“We created a real estate broker owned title agency to provide enhanced service and streamlined workflow, maximizing the opportunities for repeat business and referrals.”

Denver, CO

“We created an attorney owned title agency which helped add an additional business unit and revenue stream to a local attorney. Our back office support allows the attorney freedom and peace of mind.”

Durango, CO